Canara Bank Kolkata IFSC Code And Branch Details

There are total 62 CANARA BANK branches In KOLKATA . If you are looking for branch for a particular location scroll through below table to filter out the IFSC Code.

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Canara Bank Kolkata Branches

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Bank BranchIFSC Code
Circle Office, KolkataCNRB0CO7500
Seacem Paints (I) Pvt. Ltd, Govindpur.CNRB0008568
Kolkata BehalaCNRB0008567
Vijayagarh Jyotish Ray College,KolkataCNRB0008566
Science City ,KolkataCNRB0008419
Kolkata - Ii R OCNRB0008326
Kolkata - I R OCNRB0008325
Specialised Mid-Corporate Branch, KolkataCNRB0005004
New AliporeCNRB0004992
Dunlop BridgeCNRB0004988
Kolkata ChetlaCNRB0004986
Kolkata Bagha JatinCNRB0004984
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