Hdfc Bank West Bengal IFSC Code And Branch Details

There are total 221 HDFC BANK branches In WEST BENGAL . If you are looking for IFSC Code of any branch for a particular city same can be selected from the links below to filter out the results further.

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Hdfc Bank West Bengal Branches

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Bank BranchIFSC Code
The Union Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CUCBLM
Tha Uttarpara Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CTUCB3
Tha Uttarpara Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CTUCB2
Tha Uttarpara Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CTUCB1
The Santragachi Co-Operative Bank LtdHDFC0CTSGCB
The Panihati Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CTPHCB
The Nabapalli Co Operative Bank LtdHDFC0CTNPCB
The Boral Union Co Op Bank LtdHDFC0CTBUCB
The Bishnupur Town Cooperative BankHDFC0CTBTCB
The Shibpur Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CSCB29
Sonali Bank LtdHDFC0CSBSLG
Sonali Bank LtdHDFC0CSBLIN
Samata Cooperative Development BankHDFC0CSAMAT
Raniganj Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC0CRNGCB
Ranaghat People's Cooperative BankHDFC0CRAPCB
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